Demand that Mayor Eric Garcetti Serve a Full Year Before Seeking Statewide Office

Eric Garcetti is running for a second term as Mayor of Los Angeles. But the next term is special because it will be five-and-a-half years instead of the usual four years. The longer term will allow Los Angeles to sync its municipal elections with the California state elections, hopefully increasing voter participation.
This is a pivotal time in Los Angeles’ history. Pressing issues like the high cost of housing, pensions, rising crime, and the ongoing sideshow at the DWP all need to be addressed.
That’s why it is important to elect a candidate who actually wants to be mayor. His opponent, Mitchell Schwartz, has pledged to serve the full term. Yet Garcetti won’t even commit to serving one full year before campaigning for statewide office.
Tell Garcetti Los Angeles needs a mayor willing to stick around and solve the city’s many complex problems! Demand that he commit to serving one full year without campaigning for another office.